low quality selca for the selca game for himetokieu, dokujin, and anon welp

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1. Hear Me - Imagine Dragons
2. Good To Sea - Pinback
3. Here i Dreamt I was An Architect - The Decemberists
4. Tongue Tied - Grouplove
5. It’s Time - Imagine Dragons
6. Siberian Breaks - MGMT
7. Gotta Have It - Kanye West and Jay-Z
8. Get Some - Lykke Li
9. Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls) - Foster the People
10. I Will Possess Your Heart - Death Cab for Cutie


if naruto ends, i end

We all have that ONE anime, that ruined our life.
every anime fan out there (via rinismydarling)

Sadie's Japan Dream »





A friend of mine had asked me if I could spread the word about Sadie. She’s terminally ill with cancer and looking for the chance to have her dream vacation. Please just drop a few dollars or even spread the word more to help a still too young woman see the world a little while she can.

I’m going to signal boost this to my art blog too
Because guys
She’s only 25 and she has terminal cancer ; n ;
I just hope she can at least go on this trip because
Goddang..25… It’s basically the start of her own life and to hear that it’s going to end soon.
We really need to put efforts together!!

I got on tumblr thinking ‘I’m going to signal boost this again.’ and then I see it at the very top of my dash and that makes me happy.

Reblogging this again, better get used to it! I’m glad to say that there’s been some more support, but it’s not quite a fifth of the way there.

See that? Quite a ways to go. And look at all the days, look. Don’t just write this off like ‘I probably won’t have anything to give in time.’ You have 102 days to drop whatever you can. Actually it’d be wonderful to see the goal reached before 102 days, the sooner the better.



I have a lot of respect for Ze Frank, and I adored his year-long project, The Show. So many people have said things similar to this, but it’s always a good thing to hear again. In summary: if you want to make stuff, make stuff. It’s the only way you’ll get past the point of making things to the point of having made stuff. Then you get to make more stuff. So go make stuff!

Thoughts on the Creative Career (by zefrankenfriends)

Incredible advice by a man I’ve long admired.


paexie and fayren i cannot begin to express how your words have helped me tonight


paexie and fayren i cannot begin to express how your words have helped me tonight


Why is it when I take off my glasses people ask me

“How many fingers am I holding up!?”

I don’t see this:


I see this:


One time a black girl took my glasses and said “what color am I”